Qualifications & Accreditations

Qualifications & Accreditations

For many choosing a contractor does not only come down to price. It also requires peace of mind knowing that the contractor undertaking the work has the experience, resources and know-how to complete the job with no unexpected surprises. One way to gauge a contractor’s standing in the industry, is to check their accreditations, especially those relevant to the area of practice that pertains to your job.

The Cannington Group is fully licensed and a member of many professional organizations that provide oversight and governance within the industry.

Licenses & Affiliations

Technical Standards & Safety Authority T.S.S.A.
Ontario Contractors Registration Number 0029484001
Member of OPCA – Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association
Member of PEI – Petroleum Equipment Institute
Member of RCO Recycling Council of Ontario
Member of CSAO – Construction Safety Association of Ontario
Member of NDA – National Demolition Association

C of A (Certificates of Approval)

In order to carry on business and comply with the MOECC regulations, a contractor must maintain and comply with permit criteria for the transportation, handling, treatment and storage of liquid and solid wastes. Similarly the MOECC regulations set our criteria for the treatment of soils, surface water, groundwater and air emissions. Below is a list of some of the key permits The Cannington Group continue to operate and maintain in full compliance of the Provincial Regulations.

Operation of a waste management system including collection, haulage, and transportation of non-hazardous liquid waste and non-hazardous solid industrial waste including asbestos waste in bulk, contaminated soil and other waste spill clean-up materials.#A840278
Mobile Bioremediation System Waste Disposal Site#8520-6C2GTN
Mobile Screening Plants (4), & Shredder#3544-6KZPWU
Mobile Crushing Units (3) - (used alone) - Air#4447-6CKL4Q
Mobile Screening Plant (used alone) - Air#4892-CHNVG
Mobile Bioremediation System - Air#2495-67JSUS
Mobile Treatment of Soil and Groundwater ISCO - Air (Insitu)#2829-83ZPC3
Mobile Treatment Soil and Groundwater ISCO - Air (Exsitu)#3295-7R4Q6V
Mobile Screening Plants (4), Mobile Crushing Plants (3) & Shredder - Waste management (when using 1 screener + 1 shredder or 1 crusher on any given site)#5478-6JDRMF
Mobile Sewage Works (5) c/w seperator, GAC treatment and activated alumina and discharge to the natural environment.#9396-7RLQD9