On-Site Concrete and Asphalt Crushing Services

Significant savings in road construction costs can be realized if concrete and asphalt from demolitions can be crushed and converted into aggregate for road base. The use of an on-site concrete crushing plant can minimize the amount of material destined for off-site disposal and allows for the recycled materials to be used on site.

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Our concrete aggregate and asphalt crushing services offers many benefits including:

  • Environmentally friendly - conserve landfill space
  • Re-use of crushed aggregate material on-site as fill material; saves our clients’ money by not having to import backfill materials
  • Improved perception of your company and project

The Cannington Group now has several completely portable crushing plants capable of producing a quality aggregate, our plant comes with MOE Certificate of Approvals for Waste Management Systems, Waste Disposal Site and Air.

We provide a complete turn-key on-site concrete and asphalt crushing service which includes:

Preparing Concrete and Asphalt for Crushing

We provide all the equipment and manpower necessary to remove slabs, footings, foundations, and then pre-size the concrete and asphalt materials for input into our mobile crushing unit.


The Cannington Group was one of the largest recyclers in the province of Ontario when we completed work at Terminal 2 of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

On-site Concrete and Asphalt Crushing

Our mobile crushing units can crush up to 2,000 tonnes per day and comes complete with MOE Certificate of Approvals for Waste Management System and Air. Our mobile crushers are equipped with magnetic separators for recycling of rebar and steel. Bins are supplied for garbage and all our sites are left in a clean manner.

Backfill or off-site Removal

The crushed aggregate is sized to your specifications including split products. This crushed material can be used as onsite backfill or sent for off-site recycling. The crushed materials can be easily compacted on-site to fill in excavated areas or low spots.

Custom Crushing / On-Site Soil Processing

The Cannington Group offers customers various custom crushing options including crushing red brick to produce landscape and driveway stone, crushing of concrete and asphalt to produce various sizes of aggregate.

Our crushing plants provide significant savings to development projects. First, they can be used to eliminate cost for disposal of concrete, brick and asphalt, and second they can be used to reduce the volume of imported backfill or road base required for the development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of products can be achieved through crushing?

The crushing can be customized to produce fine screenings to oversize Gabion for virtually any project requirement.

What kind of savings have you been able to achieve with soil processing?

Depending on job size and site conditions, we have seen saving ranging from 20-50% when processed materials are used for backfill.