What We Do

Environmental and Waste Management Solutions

The Cannington Group is continuously developing and exploring new remediation technologies and processes so that we may provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions for their environmental, demolition and waste management needs.

We have recruited personnel from the environmental, construction, financial and consulting sector who work closely with our clients to develop and implement safe and effective solutions to handle their needs.

Remediation Services

An important consideration when choosing a contractor is to pick one tailored to your project requirements. Our years of remediation experience allow us to create a comprehensive plan for the cleanup of contaminants both in the soil and groundwater of any site (Soil and Groundwater Remediation) and within the building or structures (Decontamination and Demolition).

Within the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has strict requirements for the transportation, handling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids.

  • Soil Excavation and Disposal
  • Bioremediation In-situ & Ex-situ
  • On-Site Soil Processing
  • Landfill Reclamation

Tank Removal & Installation

The Cannington Group can handle all aspects of AST and UST removals or installation, ranging from including replacement and upgrades of existing fuel storage systems. We also offer turnkey fueling systems with tank sizes starting at 1,250 litres + that can be used for products such as: petroleum, fuel oil, waste oil and chemicals.

  • Tank Installation & Removals
  • System repair and Upgrade Services

Our contractors are Petroleum Mechanical Licensed contractors. This is the designation that the TSSA recommends or prefers for the installation or removal of fuel tanks.

In fact for tanks greater than 5,000 L in size, the Ontario Petroleum Contractor’s Association clearly states that TSSA requires contractors that are either licensed as TSSA PMH, PM1, PM2, PM3 or PM4 for installations. This overrides any union requirements and is a provincial requirement.


The Cannington Group has considerable experiences in abatement services where buildings containing Designated Substances such as asbestos, mercury, lead, PCBs and other regulated substances which require special handling. We are also well versed in developing programs for owner and their consultant to ensure all demolitions are carried out safely and comply with M.O.L and M.O.E standards. This can even extend into demolition and deconstruction work where optimized recycling of materials targets of 80% or more!

  • Demolition / Deconstruction
  • Industrial Services
  • Abatement Services & Decontamination

Water Treatment & Technology

Our mission is to provide best available and affordable solutions that meet both performance and budget considerations for our clients. CG Water has the equipment, trained personnel and suppliers to maintain your existing system and minimize downtime including media changeout, air stripper cleaning, system rehabilitation and pump repair. We can customize and assist you in obtaining turnkey solutions for your most demanding water treatment.

  • Mobile Water Treatment Plants
  • In situ & Ex situ Remediation System
  • Operation, Maintenance & Optimization
  • Cleaning & Rehabilitation Services
  • Lagoon Management & Pump Repair

Design Build

With our focus on providing comprehensive construction services from planning, design, new construction, maintenance, and renovation CannBuild can offer you the complete turn-key service for your Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) projects.

  • Design & Build Projects
  • Planning & Surveying
  • General Contracting Services
  • Site Management
  • Custom Engineering
  • Excavation & Construction

Some clients prefer to engage with one contractor for all aspects of the project. Where possible we provide these services, bringing in the resources necessary to complete the aspects of the job that are not purely environmental in nature. These resources have been built over our companies’ history and provide seamless one-stop solution for these clients who demand it.


This process involves removal of oversized materials from the waste stream prior to treatment or disposal. Processing has proven to be very efficient in reducing the amount of material requiring disposal by removing non-contaminated materials such as rock and demolition debris. Our screening plants and stackers have been can be catered to suit smaller or larger jobs.

  • On Site Concrete & Asphalt Crushing
  • Concrete Demolition & Recycling
  • Turnkey Preparation & Crushing
  • Slab, Foundation & Footing Removal
  • Magnetic Separation & Rebar Recycling
  • Backfill / Off-Site Removal