Who We Are

Who We Are

A Full-Service Environmental Remediation Company

The Cannington Group is a full-service environmental remediation company serving the Province of Ontario since 1976. We have extensive practical experience in site remediation, hazardous waste cleanup, demolition, building decommissioning, tank removals and installations.

The Cannington Group maintains numerous mobile on-site processing C of A’s (Certificates of Approval) with the MOECC including In-Situ and Ex-Situ mobile bioremediation, In-Situ Chemical Oxidization/Reduction, Mobile Water Treatment and Mobile Screening. This allows us to successfully tackle environmental soil, groundwater and water projects using our own systems, equipment, and operators.

Developing Solutions for Environmental Issues

We listen to our customers’ needs and challenges when dealing with their environmental problems. We are dedicated to applying solutions that are safe, cost effective, and address complex remediation challenges, public concerns and comply with government regulations.

As a long-standing member of the Canadian Brownfields Network we have amassed extensive on-site remediation technologies to assist in the development of properties where traditional means are cost prohibitive.

Fully Licensed and Bonded

The Cannington Group is fully licensed under the TSSA for above and below ground tank removals and installations and is a member of the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association. We are fully licensed for the collection, handling and transporting of non-hazardous liquids and solid wastes under our waste management system.

We maintain specialized insurance coverage for environmental contractors that a general contractor would not maintain and that allows for transportation and handling of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. We also enter all contracts with adequate surety coverage and our strong balance sheet has afforded us the ability to obtain bonds for even the most challenging contract requirements.

Management Team

David McCrossan


David is CEO and a hands-on leader that can be found both in the boardroom and in the field. His experience provides our clients with cost-effective and innovative solutions that The Cannington Group has offered for over 40 years.

Suzanne Stacey


Suzanne continues to oversee the Finance Department for over 18 years and understands every aspect from job costing to mergers and acquisitions. You will often find Suzanne meeting with clients and engaging from proposal to close.

Ricardo Philip

VP – Sales & Marketing

Ric is an experienced environmental risk professional with strong technical and risk management experience. His specialties include: Environmental Risk, Risk Management, Environmental Claims and Environmental Underwriting.

Penny Robinson

Penny Robinson

Operations Coordinator

Penny maintains our accounts, vendors, and internal administration. She is a team player that understands the importance of the details and scheduling.

Kevin Lam, P. Geo.

Project Manager

Kevin manages the various aspects of our projects from tender to closing. Kevin has years of experience in remediation projects from borehole drilling, environmental data analysis and more. Kevin ensures that our internal and external teams have the detail and timelines required.

Katherine Dimand

Health & Safety Manager

Katherine is our Health & Safety expert and leads our COR Program. Katherine has worked on several COR program certifications and is focused on ensuring our teams are current with the latest knowledge and processes.

Alan Gibbins

President, CG Drones Division

Alan offers over 30 years of leadership and consulting experience to many business sectors including the commercial aircraft industry where he specialized in maintenance and support. Alan is an accomplished manned and unmanned pilot, diver and is experienced in marketing, video, and television production. Alan has managed over 50 television productions and numerous corporate projects.