Tank Removal & Installation

A Single Source Approach to Tank Management

The Cannington Group can handle all aspects of AST and UST removals, ranging from cleanup of contaminated materials to replacement and upgrades. This single source approach to tank management gives our clients the benefits of convenience and cost savings.

As Petroleum Mechanical licensed contractors, we are able to complete this work in full compliance of the governing TSSA requirements. This is an important consideration for our clients who are looking to complete equipment upgrades as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to their operation. This reduces the need for third party testing, calibrations, certifications or other work required to commission or decommission a system.

Complete Turn-Key Fueling Systems

We can offer complete turn key fueling systems ideally suited for fleet owners, marina operations or industrial/commercial applications which includes all site preparation work, above ground tanks, card lock systems and dispensers all installed to your specification.

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Tanks can be supplied ranging in sizes from 1,250 litres and up and can be used for a number of products such as petroleum, fuel oil, waste oil and chemicals.


The TSSA, the regulatory agency that oversees fuel equipment system installations, upgrades and licensing, stipulates the use of Petroleum Mechanical Licensed personnel to complete tank work.

Qualifications and Accreditations

The Cannington Group is a registered contractor with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), and is members of the Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association, Ontario Waste Management Association and the Petroleum Equipment Institute.

Technical Standards & Safety Authority T.S.S.A.
Member of PEI – Petroleum Equipment Institute
Member of OPCA – Ontario Petroleum Contractors Association
Ontario Waste Management Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to deal with larger tank farm installations and pipelines?

Yes. The Cannington Group have completed installation and upgrade work for owners of large tank farms and pipelines. In fact, CG Drones can complete pipeline inspections to complement pigging programs and other preventative maintenance programs over higher risk areas such as railroad crossings and areas in close proximity to surface water.

I have a client with a single residential heating oil tank that needs to be removed can you assist with this?

Absolutely. While we are known for our large projects, we can also provide assistance to our clients requiring removal of smaller vessels.

Will The Cannington Group be able to deal with TSSA inspections?

Yes. An advantage of hiring Petroleum Licensed Mechanical personnel, is that all the items that are required TSSA inspections will be coordinated by us smoothly and without issue.