Remediation Services

The Cannington Group are remediation specialists dedicated to the cleanup of contaminants in soil and groundwater, as well as buildings and structures (Decontamination and Demolition). Within the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has strict requirements for the transportation, handling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids, all of which The Cannington Group adheres to.

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Property owners and project managers can make the mistake of leaving a general contractor to assume full responsibility for what might have seemed like a small routine project, only to find legal liabilities and costs can escalate quickly. These liabilities can derail a pending transaction when the appropriate expertise is not brought in to handle the risks associated with cleanup and compliance issues that come with such work.

Our environmental remediation services offer many benefits others cannot:

  • A contractor with its fleet of equipment – Despite what may often be comprehensive site characterization and delineation work, unexpected issues arise. It is in those crucial times that having the ability to bring in larger or different machinery and/or attachments becomes key.
  • A contractor who is licensed for transportation and disposal of waste – We maintain current permits for the transportation of both hazardous and non-hazardous solids and liquids.
  • A contractor who is fully insured and bonded – The nature of our work requires us to carry specialized insurance that a general contractor would not have in place. Insurance for lead, asbestos and waste, in general, are not typically covered by traditional liability insurance.
  • A 40+ year history of successful remediation and demolition work.

While we are environmental remediation experts, our clients know us mostly for our ability to cleanup and manage soil remediation jobs of any scope or size.

Soil Excavation and Disposal

The Cannington Group can quickly and accurately determine how best to handle the removal of the contaminant mass or source area and provide the personnel needed to excavate the materials safely and efficiently before transporting for treatment and/or disposal.

Contamination can arise from fuel spills, heating oils to complex solvents (such as TCE or other VOC). We provide remediation services from free product recovery to soil remediation of exotic inorganic contaminants such as metals or cyanide.

Often the soil contamination is at great depths and will require shoring, sheet piling or may reside underneath a building. We have extensive experience with these more challenging types of soil remediation jobs.

Bioremediation In-situ & Ex-situ

These processes involve the use of safe and naturally occurring micro-organisms. These microorganism’s breakdown the contaminants found in the soil and change them into harmless products such as water and carbon dioxide. Once the treatment has been completed, the soil can often be reused. Bioremediation can provide significant cost savings compared to traditional excavation and disposal.

Our clients call on us for the construction of biocells and other ex-situ treatment sites. We are also available for the management of landfill and transfer station locations on short term or long term contractual basis.

We are very active in the management of clean fill for construction projects on behalf of property owners, project managers and consultants and can provide all the resources to bring your project into compliance with the new Ontario Regulation 406 requirements.


The Cannington Group built a biocell in remote northern Ontario (Moose Factory) which required all the equipment to be mobilized to the site by rail or barge. The biocell was the size of two football fields when completed and will allow the disposal of hydrocarbon impacted soils for many years.

On-Site Soil Processing

Our On-Site Soil Processes (screening) can be very effective in reducing the amount of material requiring removal for off-site disposal. In most cases the oversize materials such as rock may be used as back fill. Cost savings in the range of 20-30% have been achieved for many of our clients using soil screening and backfill vs traditional excavation and disposal of all materials.

An advantage of this system is its size and mobility, which allows us to work in areas where space is at a premium. This process adds yet another methodology to our continuously expanding service offering.

Landfill Reclamation

More than ever, land is becoming a scarce resource and we are committed to optimizing waste disposal sites. With fewer regions opening new landfill or disposal facilities, creating value for existing and older facilities is being re-evaluated.

One immediate solution to this problem is landfill reclamation. This remediation technique has already been used extensively in Europe for many years. This process involves the excavation of old landfills by processing waste as well as cover material. By recycling and recovering as much material as possible, we recover valuable space that will extend the life of landfills.

This process can include screening and/or shredding, removal of recyclable materials, as well as repacking of waste and cover material. It involves the use of track excavators, trommel screeners, waste shredders, mobile conveyors/stackers, wheel/track loaders, and landfill compaction equipment.

Brownfield Development

A brownfield is an abandoned or vacant site that has environmental stigma associated with it which is preventing it from realizing its potential re-use. Brownfields are also where The Cannington Group can bring all its experience and expertise to a site to create a win-win opportunity for all the stakeholders.
Even before the term brownfield was coined, we were pioneers in contaminated site redevelopment. The Cannington Group are proud corporate members of the Canadian Brownfields Network, which is a national network of environmental industry groups aimed at fostering and promoting the development of brownfields.

The former refinery site in Mississauga, where The Cannington Group worked for over 2 years, is a great example of how we bring creative solutions to the remediation of a large site. There was over one million tonnes of soil managed, stockpiled, re-used or sent for off-site disposal, in addition to the millions of gallons of water that were treated on site throughout the project.

For large brownfield projects we often bring on CG Drones to render images, provide elevation mapping and soil volumetric analysis with centimeter accuracy. This produces greater detailed insight and higher production levels than traditional survey methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to source clean fill sites for our project?

Absolutely, in fact this is a major focus of our business with the new Ontario Regulation 406 requirements. We can arrange for treatment, disposal, temporary storage or re-use of clean fill.

Can you deal with other remediation technologies like dredging?

Yes, we have completed projects of all scopes and sizes. Send us the documentation and we’ll provide you our proposal and pricing in short order.

How big or small are the projects you take on?

The Cannington Group performs small projects like test pitting programs or drum pickups up to multi-year brownfield remediation and redevelopment projects, such as a former 72 acre refinery site in Mississauga that took over 2 years to complete.