The Cannington Group is pleased to announce the launch of its new division, CG Drones Inc. The commercial RPAS or “drone” service provider offers aerial mapping,surveys, volumetrics and geometric data to new and existing projects.

The Cannington Group began applying drone mapping and volumetric services to some of our existing projects because we saw an opportunity to provide a value-add service to our clients. The drones can be flown immediately and frequently, providing data we previously couldn’t provide without a large expense and it took longer to accomplish.
David McCrossan, CEO of The Cannington Group

“Our new CG Drones Inc. is commercially and nationally certified with Transport Canada. The management team has a broad spectrum of experience to compliment our services . Its the perfect fit for our clients, both private and public. The feedback has been tremendous. CG Drones Inc. has begun working with Drone manufacturers, Drone software developers and to train organizations in all things DRONE”

The Cannington Group is a full service environmental remediation company serving the Province of Ontario since 1976 with extensive practical experience in site remediation, hazardous waste cleanup, demolition, building decommissioning, tank removals & installations, and water treatment & technology.
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CG Drones operates technologies ranging from drones with high definition video and photography capabilities to multispectric and infrared cameras. For measuring and mapping, the drones are capable of (RTK) Real-Time Kinematic and (PPK) Post Processed Kinematic solutions. This allows CG Drones to provide clients with centimetre measurements from the air. For more information on the range of UAV services provided visit CG Drones.
CG Drones Inc. | | (905) 841-1848