Your Cannington Group Team


David McCrossan
Chief Executive Officer

David is CEO and a hand's on leader that can be found both in the boardroom and in the field. His experience provides our clients with cost-effective and innovative solutions that The Cannington Group has offered for over 40 years.

Suzanne Stacey
Chief Financial Officer

Suzanne continues to oversee the Finance Department for over 16 years and understands every aspect from job costing to mergers and acquisitions. You will often find Suzanne meeting with clients and engaging from proposal to close.

Tom Greco
Health & Safety Officer & Project Manager

Tom has been with Cannington for over 10 years in his roles. Tom is a wealth of training and knowledge that benefit every project. Tom is also the lead on our COR program, as we expand our existing Health and Safety training and policies. 

Kathy Galloro
Operations Coordinator

Kathy has been with Cannington for over 5 years in her role. Kathy maintains our accounts, vendors and internal administration.  She is a team player that understands the importance of her role.